Thursday, December 6, 2012


Asia Argento simply gets more beautiful and talented with age. Her latest short film, Firmeza, is a promotional piece for designer Ludovica Amati's upcoming Spring and Summer collection, but it is also so much more. Fittingly obsessed with texture and color, the film is about a woman who gets a tarot card reading and then participates in a peyote ceremony and somehow, during the course of this, a clothing line is promoted. And of course there's a Jodorowsky reference.

I am secretly fascinated by fashion - the industry, the history, the artists - and this is a compelling, creative way to assert the fact that clothes are more than just a series of utilitarian garments. In Argento's short film, which you can see below, fashion tells a story, describes an event and makes both visual and linguistic statements.

*The above image is from an article about the film by Dangerous Minds.

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