Thursday, June 16, 2011


Nick Park and Steve Box, 2005
Starring: Peter Sallis, Helena Bonham Carter, Ralph Fiennes

I love
Wallace and Gromit. If you haven't seen any of the shorts, march yourself over to Netflix or just directly purchase the complete set, which includes "A Grand Day Out," "The Wrong Trousers," "A Close Shave" and "A Matter of Loaf and Death." I could and have and will watch these over and over. I was briefly skeptical of a feature length Wallace and Gromit, but then I realized how great of an idea that would be. And it comes highly recommended.

Wallace, a strange, but clever inventor lives and works alongside his intelligent but mute dog, Gromit. In Curse of the Were-Rabbit, they run a business called Anti-Pesto that humanely removes garden pests. Tottington Hall is having their annual vegetable contest, so all the local inhabitants are growing vegetables as large as possible. Wallace and Gromit are doing an admirable job catching the pesky bunnies that attempt to eat any of the prize produce. With a series of alarms, they respond to the scene, capture the offending rabbits and take them home where they live in comfort in the basement.

This is getting rather out of hand, with Gromit struggling to feed and house the dozens of bunnies down in the cellar. He is also struggling with Wallace's weight gain. Due to his obsessive love for cheese, he rarely eats anything healthy. In a moment of genius, Wallace decides to brainwash the bunnies with his newest invention, in order to convince them they aren't interested in any vegetables. The machine backfires, melding his brain with one of the bunnies. Everything seems fine and the other rabbits refuse to eat vegetables.

Of course, that night they discover all is not as it seems. A giant "were-rabbit" tears through town, terrorizing the local minister and eating as many vegetables as possible. The town members are outraged, but so is Lady Tottington, who Wallace has quite a crush on. Her beau, Lord Quartermaine, loves hunting and wants to shoot the were-rabbit along with all the little bunnies, despite the fact that Lady Tottington loves all furry creatures. Soon the race is on to see if Lord Quartermaine or Anti-Pesto can get to the were-rabbit first.

The ending is glorious and I absolutely won't ruin it for you.

If you're sick, grumpy, or just plain having a bad day, Curse of the Were-Rabbit is the perfect remedy. Even if you're having a great day and you just want to curl up with a movie, this is always a good choice. I don't believe I've already mentioned this, but Wallace and Gromit is British claymation from Aardman Animation studios and was produced by DreamWorks. I believe Aardman has since broken their agreement with DreamWorks, but allegedly a new feature length is on the horizon.

If you won't take my word for it, the film received tons of positive critical attention and won many awards. I believe they even won the Academy Award that year for best animated feature. Plus, it's described as the first "vegetarian horror film" and what could be wrong with that? Buy it here. I promise, you won't regret it.

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